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Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Surgical Weight Control Center provides surgical weight-loss solutions for people struggling with other weight-loss methods who are looking to reshape their lives. 

We offer laparoscopic gastric bypass, gastric band system and bariatric sleeve revision procedures.  

But what is gastric sleeve revision, how can it help with weight loss and who can it help?

What is Gastric Sleeve Revision?

A procedure that converts your current weight-loss surgery to a gastric bypass, a gastric sleeve revision takes place to correct the effects of a failed previous weight-loss surgical procedure. While bariatric surgery is typically successful, complications may occur, and bariatric sleeve revision can help. 

Signs your procedure failed may include: 

  • Significantly missing weight-loss goals
  • Gaining lost weight back
  • Solid food intolerance
  • Quality of life complications

How Can Bariatric Sleeve Revision Help?

Typically, a revision of gastric sleeve surgery is suggested by your doctor due to a complication from a sleeve gastrectomy. The most common complication that requires a sleeve revision usually involves issues with gastric reflux post-surgery, and a bariatric sleeve revision can relieve symptoms that include painful swallowing and a stricture. 

Additionally, a sleeve revision may be a suggestion from your weight-loss team if you are not losing the weight expected from the procedure. Gastric sleeve surgery is expected to cause about a 25 to 30 percent weight-loss rate (or 70 percent of excess weight) and is often used to offset weight issues that could cause further complications such as stroke and heart attack. If you are not losing the expected weight post-surgery, then your doctor may suggest a sleeve revision to help change things and get you the results you were expecting. 

Who Can Benefit From Gastric Sleeve Revision?

People who may benefit from the revision of gastric sleeve surgery have had a gastric sleeve procedure and may be: 

  • Suffering from complications that could be improved with a gastric revision 
  • Not losing weight as expected by your weight-loss team from the gastric sleeve procedure 

Remember, a gastric sleeve revision is only for patients who have already had gastric sleeve surgery and are not responding in a way the treatment team expected prior to surgery. Talk to a weight-loss team about next steps if you are considering a gastric sleeve revision to find out if it is the right procedure for you. 

Looking for Gastric Revision Near Las Vegas?

Offering weight-loss surgery options such as gastric bypass surgery, gastric band system and gastric sleeve surgery, the Surgical Weight Control Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, also offers the revision of gastric sleeve procedures to help better serve you. 

If you are looking to reshape your life and take the next step in your weight-loss journey, call the Surgical Weight Control Center today at 702-313-8446. The Surgical Weight Control Center can help you discuss which weight-loss option is right for you and help you take control of your lifestyle, lose weight and give yourself a fresh start. 

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