Patient Testimonials

Hear from patients who have had weight-loss surgery at Surgical Weight Control Center.

Michael’s Story

Michael Nunez shares how the Surgical Weight Control Center of Las Vegas helped him regain a sense of normalcy in his life.

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Gloria’s Story

Gloria Dillard talks about her weight-loss experience and how her life is much better now after having surgery at the Surgical Weight Control Center of Las Vegas.

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Ashley’s Story

Ashley Seminuk has more confidence, feels better, looks better, is less groggy, happier and has much more energy after bariatric surgery.

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Tracy’s Story

Tracy Hecker struggled with her weight her entire life. “I hated looking at myself from the neck down. My being overweight put a big strain on my marriage,” says Tracy.

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Eric’s Story

Eric Chapin says he always had a weight problem. He didn’t take the time to eat right or exercise, so the pounds just kept adding up.

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