Weight-Loss Surgery — The 7 Step Process

Congratulations on your decision to investigate the possibility of weight-loss surgery. You have taken the first step to improve your health and change your life through bariatric surgery.

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Below, we have outlined the steps to getting weight-loss surgery at our program and as you read on, we will provide you with more details about each step:

The Surgical Weight Control Center offers educational seminars to individuals seeking more information on the weight-loss surgery journey. These seminars are offered both live and online. Our live seminars are held several times per month onsite in our conference room at the Surgical Weight Control Center office. Each of the live seminars is led by one of our three Bariatric Surgeons. This offers all attendees a wonderful opportunity to gain additional knowledge and engage with our surgeons in person, ask questions, and hear the questions of others in the audience. The Surgical Weight Control Center also offers online seminars for those who might not be able to attend a live seminar. Both options are excellent resources to learn more and Reshape Your Tomorrow!

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If you have not done so prior to attending a seminar, you will need to contact your insurance company and inquire about your bariatric benefits. Many employers opt to pay a lower level of coverage that excludes weight-loss surgery, so there is a possibility that you will have a “specific exclusion” for weight-loss surgery. If there is no exclusion in your policy, then it may be a covered benefit for you. Many insurance companies require additional testing or information (for example: referral to our program from your primary care physician, medically supervised diet(s), weight history supported by progress notes documented by a physician, and/or nutritional counseling). Please be aware that coverage often changes without any notice to members or providers.

After the seminar, the Surgical Weight Control Center team will assign you to one of our incredible and specialized patient advocates. Your assigned patient advocate will contact you directly to introduce themselves and discuss your goals. In addition, they will work to schedule a one-on-one appointment to discuss your next step in our program and answer any questions you may have. Depending on your specific situation, we will help explain the details of your insurance coverage. We can also help explain our cash-pay plan or financing options if your insurance carrier does not cover the cost of the surgery. We will also help inform you of your insurance company’s specific requirements to pre-approve weight-loss surgery (if applicable).

Each insurance company has specific requirements to approve weight-loss surgery, and your journey will be based on those conditions. These requirements may include supervised diets, nutritional appointments, a psychological evaluation, pre-operative testing, etc. Some of these requirements also include timelines, which can range anywhere from two to eight months, depending on plan. Prior to meeting with the surgeon, every patient must first complete the insurance pre-weight-loss surgery requirements.

Once all pre-weight-loss surgery requirements are met, you will be scheduled with your preferred surgeon for the final consultation. You will also meet with one of our dedicated surgery schedulers to solidify your surgery date and schedule your pre-operative class. At this same time, all fees for the Surgical Weight Control Center will be collected. (Please note, you will still be required to complete full payment at the hospital prior to surgery if deductibles and co-insurance have not been met). Our team will also submit prior authorization for surgery at this time. Approvals are usually back within two to three weeks.

Today is the day! All of our weight-loss surgeries are performed at Spring Valley Hospital Medical Center, which is accredited as a Center of Excellence by the Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Accreditation and Quality Improvement Program (MBSAQIP).

Your team at the Surgical Weight Control Center wants you to participate in your new healthy lifestyle! We encourage our patients to join our support groups and find ways to Reshape Your Tomorrow with long-term success.

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